Emergency notifications are not precise. A lot of human lives can be saved only if we can send location accurate, timely and precise notifications (such as a shelter location) to users inside a particular radius of a certain geo-location.

What it does

Spoton SOS (originally called SaveMyAsSOS) mobile app constantly syncs users geo-location with the server. If the user is in a certain disaster hit zone he/she can get notifications on the go (without going through the hassle of registering to numerous notification systems). Also, the app filters the noise. A user gets notifications only related to his geo-location. Users can also add family members and can get notifications if any of their family members are in the disaster hit zone. Central govt agencies can register on the app and send curated relevant information to only the users which are hit. This app can be a one stop shop for ALL notification services in the world (think of going into a new country and getting notifications for that area without ever registering)

How we built it

We have 4 different codebases - webapp, android app, voice transmission, LCD display [hardware component]

Challenges we ran into

Too much to do. Too little time :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build prototype using a hardware component and a voice API.

What's next for SpotonSOS

We are planning to pitch the idea to local municipal agencies for a trial run.

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