Most high-school students aspire to be an Engineer, Business Analyst or even start their own business. However, not all students realize what their post-secondary education may hold for their future. Without asking the right questions, individuals may enter into a program that doesn't suit them and their interests which may result in massive debt, dropping out of school or an overall decline in their mental health.

What it does

Spotlight allows individuals to create a personalized profile with Max, an AI assistant, who probes about things such as their interests, ideal school and location. After analyzing their response using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Max connects the individual with a mentor who has "walked their path" and can provide guidance whether it be strictly for social, academic or extra-curricular experience.

How we built it

With many pivots, we decided to opt for a high-fidelity approach using Adobe XD. For a more technical scenario, Spotlight would have been built in Android Studio with IBM Watson supporting the AI and NLP functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Pivoting, pivoting and pivoting! We constantly had to reassess our idea multiple times to iron out kinks!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being a dev whose relies on frameworks for styling (Bootstrap, Bulma etc), it was nice to put on a UI/UX hat solely for this weekend!

What we learned

How to prototype with Adobe XD and that our venue, Cisco, had a real-life Grammy award on their floor!!! (Yes, we even got to touch it!)

What's next for Spotlight

We'll be looking into the Iconic framework to bring our idea from pen and paper into our phones!

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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