When building Spotlight, my partner and I were both inspired by the struggle to find volunteer opportunities. We both have experienced firsthand how hard it is to get in touch about volunteering or find volunteering opportunities. We used this annoyance as inspiration and built SpotLight!

## What it does: SpotLight is a web application that allows you to easily find volunteer opportunities and get in touch with companies. We offer an online search system that allows you to search for volunteer opportunities by searching for keywords, locations, company names, and interests such as "tech" or "animals". We also offer a sign-up/login where you can create a profile and log into your profile. Profiles have a bit about you, some of your interests, and an online live chat built into your profile. Each time a user creates an account and enters their interests, an algorithm runs that suggests volunteer opportunities based on their age, location, interests, etc.

## How we built it: The front end of spotLight was built with HTML, css, javascript, react.js, angular.js, and bootstrap 4. We used bootstrap 4 to create a swipeable landing page navigation and react for the search engine UI. We used node.js, javascript, and Json to connect to a server and send messages to the front end of the server for the live chat. The backend of the website was built with python, node.js, and PHP.


We ran into some challenges sending messages to the front-end of the server in the live chat. After troubleshooting for an hour, we finally solved the issue with some JSON and JavaScript. We also ran into some problems involving the video and video editing. We were able to solve the problems eventually but they took time to solve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

I think that we're especially proud of the functionality of SpotLight. We spent lots of time ensuring that not only is the UI very nice, but that the app is as functional as can be. Another thing we're proud of is the live chat.

What we learned:

During this hackathon, we've learned to create an online chat using and send messages to the front end of the server. We had some issues with connecting to the server but when we eventually got, we learned a ton about connecting to servers. We also learned about the presentation aspect of SpotLight and how to grab the user's attention with a video.

What's next for SpotLight:

We truly believe that SpotLight could become a website or an app. It Is right now for the most part, very functional but we think with a few improvements and more branding, SpotLight could become international. Hopefully, after this hackathon, our team will be able to continue working on SpotLight and maybe even trademark it one day.

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