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A web wrapper of Spotkov. For everyone who doesn't want to go and get her own API keys for Spotify and Last.FM but still wants generated playlists.

Spotkov takes your play history in Last.FM and creates a playlist starting with a song you like and hopefully following it up with others you like too! Please send feedback to here


1.1 - Heroku


1.0 - completed

  • [x] Create basic templates for pages

    • [x] Splash/login
    • [x] Metadata entry (playlist title, length, initial song)
    • [x] Landing after generation
    • [x] Vue components for each page
    • [x] Splash/login
    • [x] Metadata entry
    • [x] Landing after generation
    • [x] Routes for server
    • [x] Login to Spotify
    • [x] Last.FM list retrieval
    • [x] Playlist generation
    • [x] Saving Playlist

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