Lift Yourself Up Off Your Feet

What it does

SpotIt provides users with real-time crime probabilities and types of crime likely to occur in your area

How we built it

-We have a vanilla js web application that interacts with a python backend machine learning model -Ideally we want this Knn to be modifiable depending on how much the user cares about accuracy vs speed. -Creation of API via Python Flask, retrieves three likeliest crimes to cc

Challenges we ran into

Attempting to connect the Python backend with the JS front end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating Google Maps successfully Having amazing mockups Being able to pitch and demo this project

What we learned

Basic HTTP POST/GET REST API Requests Amazing UX/UI design

What's next for SpotIt

-Improve speeds -Make model modifiable by user -Consider dynamic crimepoints and events -Improve algorithm by including more features such as weather, nearby businesses, etc.

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