Spotify has a music map for every city. We think it is not enough, we want to build a world that everywhere could be represented by music.

What it does

SpotinSpire has two main functions: -1 share the music the user thinks fits the environment most. -2 discover the location the user currently in to find out which kinds of music are picked by the community for the place.

How I built it

Using spotify API, we can do many things with its tracks. We get the statistical audio features which are calculated from the songs put at a specific Geo-location by other users. We made a html5 UI for the user to share the song or melody they hum to the location where generate their specific emotions. Users can get the song based on their Geo-location either. We believe music is a great thing, it is the universal language for human. With SpotinSpire, we can be more connected and understand each other better.

Challenges I ran into

Unpack the trick of every API and SDK, Stay up late and most of which: Debuuuuuug.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made good use of Spotify API and we made a beautiful UI.

What I learned

Drink water, drink water, cause urinating may be the only reason for you to get off the chair.

What's next for SpotinSpire

To be continued

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