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Ever wonder what music around the world sounds like? Let's explore the world with our ears!

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Our team of GeoGuessr enthusiasts came into this hackathon hoping to work with the Spotify API. Spotiguesser came to mind after stumbling across a Roadtrip app in Spotify's community showcase. With the lack of a beef jerky API to create a road trip snack app, we decided to take a spin on our favourite game!!!

SpotiGuesser brings players around the world to challenges their perceptions of what music in different cultures and regions sounds like. In doing so, SpotiGuesser bridges cultural gaps and introduces listeners to music they wouldn't listen to normally.

What it does

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SpotiGuesser is a web-based game where 30 seconds of a randomly selected song is played and users gain points for correctly guessing the correct nationality of the song's artist.

How we built it

Spotiguesser pulls tracks from a playlist through Spotify's developer API. Information about the artist and the track is pulled from happi-dev's API, providing us information such as the artist's nationality.

The front-end is built with React using functional components and hooks. Our map is rendered with leaflet and MapBox.

Challenges we ran into

  • Structuring component composition
  • Managing API access in a secure manner
  • Rendering leaflet's map according to user's actions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A surprisingly smooth journey

What we learned

  • React and React Hooks
  • Managing APIs and API keys
  • The importance of structuring component data flows
  • Music origins can really surprise you

What's next?

  • Scoreboards to compete with others
  • More nuanced scoring taking into account guess distance, time is taken etc.
  • More things to guess such as the year of the song or song name
  • Battle Royale mode to compete with friends live

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