Whenever a customer is navigating through a e-commerce website, many questions may arise, like:

  • How do I do something?
  • I would like to know more particular details from this product?
  • Is there an ETA for when this product will be available again in stock?

The traditional approach to this questions would be to ask the customer to pick up his phone and call a 0800 number (in Brazil), Toll Free or other such solution. A simpler way would be to let the user "make the call" directly from his browser, while it is looking at the product in question, and not breaking the navigation flow.

Also, internet based communications could potentially mean increased savings for both the customer and sellers.

What it does

This project enables a simple feature to be added to any website, a simple "Talk to Us" button, that will directly connect the customer to representatives of the company working, for example, in a callcenter. Talk to Us is designed in such a way that it can connect users with more generic doubts about something in the website, as well as about specific products. Whenever a call is placed, audio, video and text are fully are supported, and extra data about the context in which the user asked for help can be sent to the recipient of the call. Data like a user's id, name, the product being looked at, which enabled endless possibilities not only to talk about the problem at hand, but also to explore possible alternatives based on the user's past preferences and such.

How I built it

The frontend design is pretty straight forward. All that's required is the addition of the button to the desired views, and some javascript that will be able to connect to a SIP server in the backend, using the browser's WebRTC stack. The backend would require a SIP server that could direct the calls to queues and work fully on SIP or even distribute the calls among more dated telephony solutions like PBX. For this demo, a hardcoded SIP url is used, which connects to the author's free account in a internet hosted SIP server.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how to edit and upload themes to Spotify. Once I understood that process, things fell into place.

Check it out!

You can find the project at

Use the password "staome" to enter the website.

Preferably use Google Chrome. Untested in other browsers.

Thank you!

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