We wanted an easy way to discover new songs using Spotify, and we were inspired by the easy swipe functionality used in dating apps such as Tinder.

What it does

The landing page displays different song genres available from Spotify, and the user is able to select up to five genres to generate the initial list of recommended songs. The generated song appears as a card displaying the song title, artist name, album art, and the song plays as soon the card appears. You swipe the card left if you're not interested in the song, or swipe right if you are. This information is used to update your song preferences, and the songs are compiled into a playlist you can choose to export to your own Spotify account.

How we built it

We used a React frontend and Python backend.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our team had little to no experience with front-end development, so we struggled with learning how to use Javascript and React for this project. The back-end also kept dying on us for reasons we did not understand. We also used VS Live Share to collaborate on this project, and all of us working on it at the same time did cause some issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We put together a decent amount of work even though we unfortunately started later in the weekend! With our little experience with React, we were very excited to even be able to produce functional buttons and switch to different pages lol. Additionally, even with the struggles we had using Live Share, we were also able to quickly resolve problems using it and learned how to adapt and quickly reset the code when it broke. We also were able to help each other through our various coding problems, and we are also proud of our determination to work on the project until the very end, even when we were all very tired and wanted to give up at times.

What we learned

We learned important React foundations and how to use React Bootstrap to format our layout. We also learned how to work together and organize a structured plan to follow as well as use VSCode together.

What's next for Spotifinder

We wish we had more time to make the front end look prettier.

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