Spotify Pull Request

  1. Jiawei Zhang - 10x Engineer
  2. Alan Guo - FrontEnd Wizard
  3. Ankit Kayastha - Backend Bass Drop
  4. Siva Loganathan - DB Accessor Savage


  • Create a PR playlist
  • Invite Spotify users to join your PR playlist
  • All users can add a request to be PRd ** Add via Spotify app to PR_playlist_name_your_username ** Add via Spotify PR webapp
  • All users can vote on PRs ** Majority add - >= 50% must approve (at add-time) ** Consensus add - 100% must approve (at add-time) ** Veto - custom setting that allows up to n% denials over m hours
  • Upvote/downvote songs already in playlist
  • Evict songs from PR playlist if enough downvotes
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