What it does

Music can be used to express what cannot be expressed with words, unil now? Introducing Spotify Message, a semi-useful hack to create playlists containing tracks with a hidden message.

Inspired by Tiktok, we managed to create a web app to generate an unique playlist using a paragraph. The first word of every track in the playlist corresponds to a word in the given paragraph. When read together, the hidden message is revealed. The playlist can be created and added to the user's list of playlists on Spotify.

How I built it

React w/ Javascript, Ant Design, the amazing Spotify API.

Challenges I ran into

Javascript + first-timer at React.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Watching the playlist generate by itself is pretty satisfying.

What I learned

How React works(ish).

What's next for Spotify Message

Spotify message me to find out! :)

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