Just some small introduction

Hi, we’re 5 students from the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Next to the regular studying, extra challenges such as this hackathon, we like to have our occasional night out, to relax from all the heavy university stuff. In cities all over the world, and thus in Eindhoven, there are multiple bars with different allure. This sometimes makes it hard to easily find a bar to spend our evening, when all we really want is just a nice spot where we can relax while enjoying some of our favorite tunes. With Spotify Crowd we would be able to easily find a bar to spend our evening and listen to our kind of music. Furthermore, Spotify Crowd is more than just a service that eases the bar searching process for visitors, it facilitates the bar owner in adapting the bar atmosphere to their customers, by the use of music.

Why the hack?

This project has the power to create an improved decision making system, in the nightlife industry, in favor of both the customer and the bar owner. The project focusses on music. With the right kind of music we aim to create a nightlife atmosphere in which the bar visitor feels comfortable and satisfied with the music theme in the bar they will spend their further evening. So, no more lame tunes in your favorite bar! Why waste your night out, listening to the same playlist over and over again. Instead of listening to one regular playlist that never really does it, hear a new playlist every single night that always gets you lit. No longer will there be the infinite search for a nice place when you feel like your regular bar won’t do today. Our goal is to create a way to let you enjoy your favorite tunes, on a fun night out, without any effort of looking for a bar playing your kind of music, or walking to the DJ booth all the time to request one of your favorite songs. This service makes your night out, the perfect night out, every single night!

Not only do we aim for customer perfection, moreover, the service should create an ideal situation for the bar owner to adapt to their customers without needing to invest more effort. Moreover, we strive to decrease the bar owner its amount of time needed to adapt to its customers.

How you do that?

In order to achieve our vision a service should be made that enables to play music that is based on the favorite music of all people in the room. The service should create an easy way to request a song that you would love to have played. And there should be something that makes it easy for the customer to recognize which bars are using this service


This can be achieved by building a system that knows the favorite tunes of all people in the room and creates a playlist similar to the combined predominant preference of the customers. This same system will enable the customer to send song requests for this playlist, next to this it should also show the customer which music themes the connected bars are playing to ease the choice for a bar.

Say what now?

Spotify Crowd is a service that can be used by bar owners. The service synchronizes the short term favorites of the people in the room and creates a playlist based on these songs, giving higher weight to "popular songs". The bar owner is able to specify some presets requirements for the kind of playlists that evolves from this selection process based on the general atmosphere the bar owner wants to create with its bar. The playlist can function by itself though the bar owner can choose to manage the playlist manually with the following functions: - Set the energy, tempo, and danceability, of the playlist. - Deny/accept requested songs manually or automatically - Make the bar its music theme public for possible customers in the Spotify venue menu

The customer will be able to request songs through their Spotify app, which can be added to the playlist automatically or by acceptation of the bar owner, dependent of the option the bar owner selected. Furthermore, when going out the customer can look in the Spotify venue to see which music theme is played in which bar. We think the easiest way to know which music themes bars in the area are playing and to recognize which people are in the room is by sharing your location with Spotify.

Tell me more…

Imagine you are walking through the city center with some of your close friends after some great concert you enjoyed together. You are looking for a nice bar to continue your night out but are not quite sure which one to choose. You open your Spotify app to visit the Spotify venue menu. In here you find an overview of the different bars in the area and the music themes they are playing at that moment. You and your friends choose a bar that suits best with your mood and continue your evening there.

Or, what if you are bar owner, in need to hire a DJ, get creative yourself, or whatever other thing that makes you put much of effort, money, and time into finding a way to satisfy the musical needs of your customers in the best way possible to make them visit and return to your bar. How easy it would be to just make use of the Spotify.Crowd service, and let the service take care of what’s left.

What about the money?

This service requires two business models, one for Spotify and one for the bar owner. In our view, Spotify Crowd its business model would be built upon making bar owners pay for this service. You could implement lots of other ways of making money with this service, by for example asking money from bar visitors when requesting a song. However we believe the strength of this concept is in ease and simplicity. Making this service as accessible as possible for bar visitors will most likely result in many of them making use of this service, which will make it more attractive to bar owners to use this service as well, meaning they will be more willing to pay for it. Next to this, a simple and clear service will decrease the amount of time the bar owner loses compared to hiring a DJ or making a playlist themselves, which also leads to more willingness to buy the service. So for marketing purposes we would recommend keeping the service simple and as easy for the bar visitor and bar owner to create a high need for this service at the bar owner.

Next to the simplicity, why would bar visitors and thus bar owners make use of this service. First of all, in the current nightlife industry there is either paid lots of money for high class DJ’s, or, which is what happens most of the time, a bar owner is playing the same playlist over and over again. This is not ideal for the visitor as well as the bar owner. This service would change it, it doesn’t add any difficulties or actions to the situation of the visitor and it even eases the situation of the bar owner. Next to this, being part of this service could attract possible new customers to the bar, since visitors could choose to visit your bar based on the music theme your bar shows in the Spotify venue menu.

The technical stuff ^^

To develop the mobile app we used the modern Flutter SDk which enabled us to quickly make a good looking app for Android and iOS. The flutter framework uses a reactive design and results in an app completely build composed as widgets. The Spotify API is directly implemented as a set of web calls as there is no library for Dart yet. The mobile app enables the bar visitor to find bars, and request a song. Next to this we set up a web server using a Laravel code stack. This server collects the various playlists of the bar visitors to generate the perfect recommendations for the bar playlist at that specific time. The web server and the mobile app communicate using the spotify API. At this time the mobile app mainly functions for searching for a song and requesting this, in the final product the mobile app would also function to collect the various playlists of the visitors, which is currently done by the webapp in combination with the Spotify crowd API. We build this API using laravel to contain among other things endpoints to store the settings of the pub atmosphere, get a playlist and request a song. In the web server users can log in, such that their short term favorite tracks get stored in our database. Secondly, a sleek interface for the bar owner is rendered and using many API calls to our own Laravel API, and storing the bar owner’s music themes in the database. A recommendation is done based on the desired energy, tempo and danceability settings, as well as popular tracks from the bar visitors, the last played track (for consistency) and the initial seed by the bar owner. This seed is either a track or a playlist and new songs are always recommended based on this seed. This way we ensure the pub owner that his dance party will not morph into a metal party or vice versa if this does not fit the general atmosphere the bar owner want to create in its bar.

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