I wanted to access the spotify api to see what I could do with it.

What it does

It pulls data on the top artist and their top track in order to deliver you a 30s soundbyte of the song. It also pulls up a related artist and shows the audio visualization of the song currently playing.

How I built it

I used python and flask in order to request access to spotify's api, and then using multiple libraries for sound, I analyzed the waveforms to create an audio visualizer.

Challenges I ran into

Being able to analyze the audio data and turn it into visible data graphed on an axis proved to be the most difficult part of this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely proud of the flask interface as well as the audio visualizer as it took the most amount of time and required me to use both ee and cs knowledge.

What I learned

I learned that even though something isn't perfect, you need to keep going and give it your all!

What's next for Spotify Controller

With more time I would like to figure out how to make a better visualizer, that does not require uploading pictures many times.

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