This was my first Hackathon. All of us had zero hacking experience, from all across the suburban lands of New York, some of us speaking different languages, we met together at a hackathon to learn about coding. Most of us were curious and had some interest in coding, so we all committed to the cause and met each other.

What it does

It plays spotify music and has a DJ for a group. More ideas will be implemented.

How we built it

We used api's and added it to hipsters, configuration took the most time.

Challenges we ran into

Time management/Best format

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to connect many of the code and spent a very long time learning about hipsters, github, etc.

What we learned

It's hard to connected a lot of code, and it takes A LOT of time.

What's next for Spotify API

We're going to finish it.

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