The team wanted a way to make a playlist that took what two people had in common in terms of music as well as added some spice!

What it does

Spotifuse uses the Spotify API to retrieve two different users' top songs, compare the two lists, and makes a playlist out of the songs in common. It then makes suggestions to add songs with similar criteria.

How I built it

Spotifuse is built using node.js, javascript, and css. A key is created to be entered by the other user, which links the two users to a unique playlist builder.

Challenges I ran into

The team struggled to find a good solution to creating a private room for two users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The design of the WebApp reflects the design language of actual Spotify and looks quite polished.

What I learned

I learned some basic website building as well as how to understand and use Spotify's API.

What's next for Spotifuse

Spotifuse could potentially be opened to be used between more than two people at a time!

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