The start was rather rocky. Ideas thrown around, drawing blanks, and disappointing sighs populated the atmosphere. Our members are all rather new so we wanted something that could challenge us but not blow us out of the water. This brought out attention to the resources that the HackUCI team graciously provided! After, looking through some fun API's, we settled on an idea that quite frankly brought a smile to everyone's faces.

What it does

Our program at its core is a playlist generator. Now the contents of said playlist is more questionable. The user is prompted to enter into two fields. One field stores the name of a Spotify Playlist. The other stores any phrase/expression/text the user wishes to enter. After this, they are able to select from two buttons. They both utilize the user input, but in different ways. The first button creates a playlist where the song titles make up the sum of the user input. The second button takes the the user input, and generates a playlist where the first letter of each title makes up the input.

How we built it

We used the spotify API and the spotipy library to implement the back-end using python. We used spotipy and the API to search up songs we needed to add to our playlist and create the playlist itself. We also used the materialize to help create our our web app, using html to implement the user interface and JavaScript to connect the two sides.

Challenges we ran into

Perhaps the most difficult portion of our journey was the front-end mechanics. No one in the group was particularly experienced with front-end. With help from mentors (should to Ryan!!!) we were able to successfully implement the front-end, and more importantly connect the front and back-end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how much we actually did with the limited experience we all had. We were able to learn how to utilize API's in the backend, how to construct the front end and have them connected and running smoothly. We are also proud of our group's team work and determination. We were able to communicate very well, and kept going even though it was challenging.This is our group's first working project, and so we are extremely proud to have been able to fully complete one!

What we learned

We learned so much about creating Web Apps in general. Specifically, we learned a lot about APIs, front-end and how to connect front-end and back-end.

What's next for Spotifrase

We hope to improve the search by title feature, currently the feature could have some issues because the spotify search engine isn't the best and we would struggle to find matching song titles. We also would like to implement an error case, for when the application is unable to generate a playlist. It would also be great if we could publish Spotifrase to the public so others could use it as well because currently, it may only run locally and create a playlist on a burner account.

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