Websites that try to bring strangers together based on a common interest always get a bad rep, for good reason of course. Music taste can make or break a friendship. With this in mind, we strived to connect people with others who like the exact same music as them. We wanted to connect people who are on the same sound wave. Spotify is the best overall music streaming service. As it provides music to over 217 million people around the world, our team wanted to 'connect the dots' by merging technology and all 217 million music listeners. We made an application where chatrooms are created based on a person's overall preference, moreso, a person with one kind of music taste will have the ability to talk to a stranger with the same taste. Although websites such as 'Chatroulette' and 'Omegle' have a similar intention, in reality, those websites have caused a lot of harm. Our goal for this project was to bridge technology and music in a way that is safe for all of its users.

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