We spent 30 minutes trying to park here.

What it does

SpotCheck is an app for both Android and Apple iOS where users can enter their car information for a parking garage database. People can reserve a particular spot inside their favorite parking garage for the time period in which the car will be parked. SpotCheck will be an electronic ‘gate-pass’ as long as the app is downloaded onto the phone so spots can be reserved. Payment can be taken hours before arriving to the parking garage and eliminates having to drive up and down searching for a spot.

How we built it

The Bluetooth on smartphones connect to devices called, beacons, which retrieve signals from the phone. These beacons will be placed at every parking spot within a parking garage. When a user pulls up, a map from the app will provide information about where the closet empty beacon is; the driver will then provide license plate, name of owner, color (optional), make and model. The app stores this information associated with the beacon with an ip address and sends the data to a server for which company the beacon is based. Purpose of the app is for location retrieval and to create a database for the company based on number of cars entering and leaving the parking garage during a period of time. Android Studio, Firebase, and 2 iBeacon LE Beacons were used in the development of the app.

Challenges we ran into

We experienced challenges switching from java to XML coding. Learning and working with Android Studio was a challenge as it was brand new to us. We had the most trouble integrating the bluetooth beacon software into Android Studio, and then being able to recognized two different beacons. We experienced the MOST problems with the finicky Bluetooth sensors which would work some of the time but never efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We figured out the Bluetooth and can read from the sensors through the app! We gained enough mastery of the UI interface and coding of Android Studio to successfully complete the app. Building an idea to a software that is completely functional with components we haven't heard of until this weekend.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Bluetooth connectivity, Java, XML, and Android Studio. We learned a lot of tactics for working extended periods of time such as taking breaks and working together. We learned about iBeacons and Eddiestone pathing and what the beacon's functionality was. We also learned how to make a functionally efficient UI interface for the app!

What's next for SpotCheck

Being able to reserve parking spots like reserving seats at a movie theater, which then closer parking spots could be at different pay intervals. Use to locate specific cars within the lot, eliminates lost cars. Sign-on account interface to predict and assign future parking spots and automatic information transfer On widespread use, SpotCheck could provide a massive database on car locations and parking spots. Could be used by companies or cities to appeal more foot traffic by offering easier parking.

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