Hack4Sweden 2018


Access to cultural heritage is a fundamental human right. Museums contain large amounts of open data that can be used to improve people’s experiences in relation to art. We have created a platform for supporting personal digital art collections based on physical experiences. This would encourage people to go out and explore the art in person. In addition, it would stimulate critical discussions around art. Lastly, it would help tackle physical, intellectual and social barriers that prevent people from going to the museums in person.

Our solution

People visit museums and take pictures of art. They upload the pictures on SpotArt. Their location is used to automatically find the museum where the art is exhibited. The pictures are matched with the museum’s digital collection and information (e.g., title, year, author, description) is extracted. Personalized 3D galleries are then created and can be shared with friends. Collections can be rated and art can be critically discussed. Users may receive suggestions based on their taste, in order to not miss out future exhibitions of interest.


  • Open data was obtained through the API using KNIME and Python.
  • Image recognition algorithms (such as SIFT feature detection) were used for matching the photo taken by the user with the one in the database (OpenCV).
  • 3D gallery rendered in OpenGL (Panda3D).


SpotArt will improve the general knowledge of art and help preserve our cultural heritage. It is fun and personal. In addition, it can serve as story-telling game for children (for example, by choosing their favourite pieces of art and arranging them so as to form a story).

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