The Idea

Currently, venues and spaces must select and maintain playlists, which may or may not reflect what their guests want to hear.

With Spot-on-the-Fly users can sync their Spotify accounts to a centrally hosted playlist in just two clicks, allowing music to reflect people in a space at any given time.

The Hack

We have developed a Web App using, which allows user with two clicks to log into their Spotify accounts via our page.

By then interfacing with the Spotify API, we extract data on their most played artists, and tracks. An algorithm then sorts these preferences into playlist, which are then pushed to Spotify running on a central device.

Our algorithm provides people with the music they want to hear by running through top picks, and then also inserting mutual interests and semi-random selected songs by similar artists and in similar genres.

Future Possibilities

At the moment our app is restrained to the Spotify API, whilst this allows rapid interfacing with one of the worlds largest databases of music, we would ultimately like to fuse data form numerous apps to build a comprehensive picture of peoples musical tastes in any location at any point in time.

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