We already know that mental health well-being is tightly correlated to emotions, especially stress. For some people, the workplace can be a stressful environment and too much stress can cause psychological and physical traumas.

It is sometimes hard to relief stress efficiently. However, it has been scientifically proven that pets can efficiently help reduce stress stimuli and therefore improve overall mood of humans.

Existing "virtual pets" tend to not represent reality since they don't react like real-life pets. Why not try to fix that by using some machine learning magic?

Meet Spot! The virtual pet you ever dreamed owning

What it does

By leveraging powerful machine learning, Spot can help you relieve stress by automatically detecting when you are in a bad mood and reminding you that taking a pause is key to a good mental health balance.

In an augmented reality world, you can enjoy the company of Spot. Play with your little companion to develop a trusting relationship.

Spot also includes a web portal that helps you track your mood over time as well as a tool for managers to track the overall office mood which can help them plan activities to improve their employees'mental health well-being.

How we built it

We used many technologies:

  • Unity
  • ARCore by Google
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Rust language
  • Rocket-rs REST server
  • WPF/C#
  • D3.js data driven documents
  • Bootstrap.js

Challenges we ran into

Since it was the first time we ever worked with AR, we learned that developing for an AR world is pretty different from developing for a completely virtual world.

Another challenge was the data visualization part. Designing a visually pleasant data visualization is quiet complicated. We had some theoretical knowledge on human perception and it was challenging to actually translate that knowledge into a working web portal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having delivered a functional demo in an immersive AR experience as well a working web portal for stats visualization.

What we learned

Since we never developed for AR before, we learned tons of new tricks to port our existing projects into the AR world!

What's next for Spot

We plan on improving the data analysis to be able to identify people that are on the verge of a burnout and try to help them improve their mental heal well-being

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