Inspiration - it always amazed as how most places had surveillance cameras and they use it only for montering purpose when u can use your surveillance camera for a more than surveillance purpose and train it to find for parking spots also.

What it does - we used open cv to train our data sett to find the nearst parking spots and which one are avalable and which is not. It uses the lines in the parking lot to adentify the the parking spot and detecting if a car is on it.

How we built it- used open cv and trained our data to identfy the deferent images and like lines and cars.

Challenges we ran into - Our video set was not working properly because of the version of python we had and we didnt know that problem untill this a couple of put ago.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -We are proud that we are able to have a working demo for now because it this was our first time working on a project like this and trying to figure out this in 36 hours

What we learned- We learned that how opencv and surveillance can be used for more than spoting a parking spot and train it to do more so it can beneft us in future.

What's next for SPOT ME - the next for SPOT ME is we want to integrate is with google and alexa assitance so it would be and easy interaction between the workers and make it more user frendly.

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