Currently in Philadelphia, there are ~2.2M available parking spaces, with over 15,000 of these being on-street parking spaces. Despite the seeming abundance of parking, drivers still struggle to identify open on-street parking, as there is no system in place to help drivers find these spots. As one local Philadelphian and Director of the non-profits Philadelphia 3.0 describes it, “[parking in Philadelphia] is like an emotional powder keg…driven by the emotional experience of driving around looking for parking and feeling totally frazzled.” This frustrating experience is just another negative consequence of the parking problem, along with the economic cost of $70B worth of wasted time, fuel, and emissions. Our solution to these problems is Spot, an intelligent parking system. The system is composed of strategically placed street view cameras that capture images of the available parking. These images are then analyzed using our computer vision algorithm, which is able to identify which spaces are open and which are filled. Finally, this information is communicated to users through our app, which allows them to enter their destination, view the parking availability, and be directed to the available parking of their choice. Spot has the potential to revolutionize Philadelphia’s parking experience, benefiting the city both economically and functionally.

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