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This concept was inspired by the near-endless stream of complaints overheard during the first day of this hackathon. Many people who drove here from other cities and states found it difficult to find parking on campus; a problem which only got harder to handle once the winter parking ban took effect. We decided to come up with a way to organize and monetize people's desire to quickly find parking spots.

What it does

Spot allows lot owners to rent out their spots, and allows users to get guaranteed parking, for a price. Our bare-bones prototype demonstrates some of the functionality of Spot, including the ability to view all parking spaces, view spaces close to you, and the beginning of the parking spot reservation process.

How we built it

The ideal UI/UX was generated using Adobe XD, which allowed easy integration of visual elements and transitions to give a usable look and feel to the website. For the map search function, we leveraged GeoJSON and a github CDN backend to seamlessly provide the website with location and metadata on the price of parking to the HTML/JS plotting frontend.

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge we ran into was a lack of experience in web development. None of our team members had a lot of experience in javascript, and even fewer had experience using the map API. However, we are fast learners and made decently quick work of learning how to geo-restrict results provided to the user from the backend database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the UI/UX that was created in Adobe XD and of having garnered more experience with javascript.

What we learned

In general, the biggest thing we learned was how to implement the mapping API to allow geo-restricted data from an arbitrary JSON backend.

What's next for Spot

Unlike other hackathon submissions, Spot is designed to be a business. The future of spot is to create a legitimate business, finalize web functionality, and work with lot owners to begin marketing this service to areas where parking is highly competitive.

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