Big advances in technology are not being used to their fullest in most industries. We wanted to help close this gap for Spotless, by make advanced technology such as facial recognition and happiness detection to augment the services they offer.

We have all had to wait in line at a big event before. But have we had too? How do you know if the next bar over is empty, or there is no one in the toilets on the next level? Using our facial recognition software, and cameras that already exist inside venues, we can estimate wait times at all locations.

On top of that, with sophisticated smile recognition software we can help keep you updated on the happiness of your customers.

What it does

Using facial recog software we can estimate crowd numbers in different areas, and after analysing those numbers we can predict the wait lines for different pain points around food, drink and toilet areas. Our live reporting can help guide queue choices and staffing considerations.

Our happiness rating for a room can also bring up problem areas, and can be used during and after a game to analyse choices made, and ensure efficient use of resources available.

How we built it

Using opencv, iphone/android devices, google vision, amazon lamda, amazon echo & alexa. We created an iPhone app that counts people and detects their happiness level, and reports that live to the cloud. Alexa uses this data to present information to management when ready. And we have a web page that presents that information to the customer.

Challenges we ran into

Getting everything to work together. Get amazon lambda functions to consume external services. Pivoting into a new area to increase our value proposition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a new facial recognition software working at 4am in the morning. Pivoting to add smile detection after a suggestion at last nights demo session.

What we learned

Facial recognition is hard.

What's next for Spot Counter

Get the system out there to demo

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