In HackCU there was a room with some fire music going on, and I wanted to raise the volume so as to get more coding-hype. The thing is that there were over 100 hackers in the room and satisfying my hunger may bother other hackers. So I thought about creating a simple platform that lets a user share their "actions" on Spotify, as in changing the song that is being played or adjusting some settings, for example.

What it does

The final goal is to create a virtual room where one participant gets the role of a DJ and the others are listeners. There is no actual music broadcast, but just Spotify track info being transferred (via Spotify's web-app and Selenium). For now, it's only a single computer interaction, and it's "partially" finished.

How I built it

In less than 2 hours, with Selenium and Python and lots of trial and error and inspecting code on Chrome.

Challenges I ran into

Being a hacker and a volunteer at the same time is quite a difficult task, so I didn't quite decide on hacking until the very end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to think so fast in so much little time.

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