• We love dogs and want to share it w the world (Twitter)!!
  • This can definitely be extended to other applications, but we decided to narrow it to dogs

What it does

  • Display image of a dog (or literally anything) to the user,
  • Interpret user's facial reaction of the image using sentiment analysis,
  • Calculate user's rating of the image,
  • Post the rating and the image on the user's Twitter account (@susanscfae)

How I built it

Twitter API Tensorflow QT Principal Component Analysis MATLAB

Challenges I ran into

  • Data collection was difficult in a noisy data collection because of the time of night at which the data collection was conducted
  • Using a loaned laptop from the MLH hardware lab meant that there were a lot of development tormentor tools that had to be set up: GitHub, python, MATLAB, tensor-flow. Overall these challenges were identified and solved in a timely manner

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • GUI for this application
  • General improvement in tester's mood after looking at our doggos
  • Working with tensorflow

What I learned

  • Using tensorflow
  • Using PyQt

What's next for Spot

Using this for other applications. Here are some of our ideas:

  • How a person's initial reaction to a product influences their purchase decision
  • Gauge general confidence in the financial market
  • Assessment of a general wellbeing
  • Predicting how well group/teams of people will work together
  • Focus groups for a product
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