A roller derby athlete who wanted to get more fans in the seats asked for this app. We realized we could extend it by adding more types of athletic events, helping more people discover new and exciting sports they have never been exposed to.

What it does

For spectators new to a sport, SportsSync is their mentor. It explains the rules of the game as they are encountered play by play.

How we built it

A node.js server reads game events from the SportsRadar API and an admin console we created for sports not on SportsRadar. The server pushes updates to Amazon Web Services SNS, which sends the notifications to our mobile clients. The mobile clients were written for iOS and Android.

Challenges we ran into

All of us were learning things we had never done before. The key challenge was setting up app push notifications and learning how to use the AWS API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built an application suite complete with a web client, mobile clients in iOS and Android, a server and a database.

What we learned

How to: use App Push Notifications in AWS and Firebase for Android, iOS, and node.js. communicate with SQL databases with python. Interface with SportsRadar API. write RESTful API's.

What's next for SportSync

We will continue developing ideas to get new fans in the excited and in the seats.

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