Football games are a big deal at Texas A&M University and at other colleges around the country. Throughout the football season, social media is packed with students asking to borrow sports passes or offering to lend them. We saw a need for a way for students looking for a sports pass for a game to be paired with students who wouldn't be using theirs.

What it does

SportSwap is a mobile application that facilitates the process of lending sports passes and puts students in direct communication with each other to make these transfers. It allows students to set the games that they will not be using their own sports pass, as well as request to borrow a sports pass for specific games. The available sports passes are posted to a feed on the home page of the app where students can directly request to borrow them from the offering users. In-app messaging will allow the students to communicate about the meeting time and location to pick up the pass.

How I built it

After the initial brainstorming, our team fleshed out the details on paper and sketched out each possible screen view. We planned out all of the content and all of the features and actions the users could take. We then split up to create the back-end using Microsoft Azure and the front-end using Java. After we had a basic skeleton for both, we integrated these two programs and added features.

Challenges I ran into

The android platform was not altogether foreign to our team when we arrived, but it did prove to be quite a powerful adversary all the same. This was also the first time that any of us had used a cloud computing platform. Despite the problems we faced, our team stayed strong and persevered to the very end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of each other and of our peers. We are proud that we finished what we came here to start. We are proud that we could be a part of such a wonderful community of people.

What I learned

We learned how to work better as a team, how to accept help from others when we truly need it, and how to have a blast for an entire twenty-four hours. We all have a deeper knowledge of the Android and Azure platforms. Most importantly, we learned about this great experience.

What's next for SportSwap

We plan to expand the application to Apple and Windows devices, as well as develop a desktop version. The framework of SportSwap can be used at other universities, as well as applied to broader spheres such as NFL games and concert venues. After further development, we plan to approach the 12th Man Foundation to work with them to incorporate SportSwap into the A&M student football experience and promote Aggies helping other Aggies.

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