Ash came up with an idea for using AR as a way to augment friendly competition in the real world. The team iterated on this idea until we were able to get to a place where we felt we confident that we could complete the concept of an AR fitness experience by the end of the hackathon.

Why we made it

Obesity is one of the highest correlating morbidity factors for humans today. Obesity rates are in a sharp incline in the United States, and are also increasing in all developed countries. In 2020, more than 20% of all US States had self-reported obesity rates in over 40% of their population.

A 2015 study (Hoare, Stavreski, et al) found that for over 40% of people cite their lack of enjoyment as the primary reason they choose not to exercise.

Gamified fitness exists in many mediums. P90X made it popular through DVD's in your living room on TV. Wii Fit and Ring Fit Adventure brought interaction and gamification with hardware into living rooms. Peloton made it a social experience so you could compete with others. Supernatural took the gamification to the next level and allowed you to step into another world to workout in VR.

But all of these solutions had a few core issues: they're either locked in your living room or gym, or they are uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.

With SportSpecs on Snapchat Spectacles, you can bring a gamified fitness experience into the real world for the first time. They're lightweight, thin, and don't interfere with your workout. No additional controllers are needed. You can run full speed while using them and see your progress update in real-time.

SportSpecs is the next generation of fitness.

What it does

This Snapchat Specs Lens takes the user through multiple phases of exercises and tracks their progress. This helps them compare their own success as well as compare themselves to others.

How we built it

We used Snapchat Lens Studio as well as multiple templates provided by Snap. Ash and Blair built the rest in Javascript, with art and sound assets created by Elena and Nima, with some various assets utilized from open source libraries. Every team member was crucial in testing the lens and providing QA feedback on SportSpecs.

Challenges we ran into

Multiple features of Specs and Lens Studio that we wanted to use didn't work and were considered "Not ready" for use. A firmware update early in the second day of the hackathon fixed one of our main problems. However, a bug preventing us from closing and re-opening the project continued to plague us through the second night.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pushing many prototypes and builds from Lens Studio to Next Generation Snapchat Spectacles. Making a top-tier menu for selecting workouts.

What we learned

Some of the ins and outs of Snapchat Lens Studio.

What's next for SportSpecs

Adding more exercises and using features like hand-tracking for boxing. Making SportSpecs a social experience that allows you to compare your scores with friends remotely and compete with them in races and other workouts when you're both in the same space locally wearing two pairs of Snap Specs. Also working with some of the world's best exercise trainers to make high-quality workouts accessible to everyone through the power of augmented reality.

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posted an update

We've been hacking tonight at the MIT Media Lab after the fireside chat.

Finished up the first draft of some icons for the selection menu. Ash has moved the carousel selection to a place where it looks perfect and doesn't obstruct the front of the users vision. He's also implementing a "Return to Workout Selection Menu" option by swiping up on the touchpad.

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