What’s the common problem of a sports lover:

  • hard to find enough people for team sports
  • Or simply find a guy with corresponding skill to play against
  • You might be thinking, there has to be an app that is doing that already. It’s 2016! But:
  • Existing similar apps either are not - (etc meetup) specialized for sports - Some are simply too complicated - using self skill rating which leads to inaccuracy and disappointment - Some are not even in Canada


  • Solution is, SportsPartner

Our Specialty (demo with iphone):

  • We specialize on sports partner finding, which allows us to offer Sports related clean UI
  • You can find local events, open the details, and join the event
  • Managing your past/current/future events are also easy!
  • (demo)

  • Personal page

  • Basic functionalities that all app has and have ones favourite sports for others to see

  • We use skill rating for every different sports, for every different person in simple steps (showing them) -> Takes me 10 seconds to rate one person, so why not? -> and how does the rating help you? -> You can easily check the other’s skill level in a readable format to choose the suitable sports partner

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