In a lot of professional and university sports, getting more traction in fans and fan involvement is getting harder and harder without results from teams.

What it does

Sports Stat-er allows users to use fast and efficient customized Snap Chat stickers based on top of the line accurate statistics.

How I built it

I used an api calls to the Sportsradar api provided and then created a simple front-end hooked up to Snapkit api to send the stickers created to Snapchat for users to post.

Challenges I ran into

Snapkit is a very new api, thus documentation is very complicated, un-detailed, and there is almost no support for it.

What's next for Sports Stat-er

The next line in the road map is to allow for more customizable stickers, for example, for users to be able to add their own predictions into the sticker. Another feature I would like to implement is to create better stickers by utilizing user data of what the users actually posts of our stickers that are created.

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