Sports is an important part in everybody's lives. Everybody has their favorite sports and teams. We like to update ourselves with the schedule of events of our favorite team. Thus "Sports Events List" is developed with Alexa that narrates the schedule of 'FIFA', 'NFL' or 'IPL' based on a particular date. Apart from playing sports, watching sports keeps mind motivated, stay sharp and also gives an occasion to connect with others with the same interest.

What it does

This Alexa app will read out the NFL (National Football Association) , IPL (Indian Premiere League) , FIBA (Federation International of Basket Ball Association) and FIFA (Federation International of Football Association) sports events for the selected date. After choosing the sports "NFL", "IPL" , "FIBA" or FIFA" ,the user can use utterances like "Get me events for today". "get me events on May 9th 2018" to get the schedule details. User can also set up a one time reminder to remind about the FIFA, FIBA, IPL or FIBA event just two days before it starts.

How we built it

This app is a major update on the existing Alexa app. The app was built in node 6 and was updadated to support Node16. Also, the app was built on "ask-sdk" modules and hence was updated to include "ask-sdk-core" modules. The Alexa reminders functionality requires the app to use "ask-sdk-core" module. Also, "FIBA" events are included in the calender.

Challenges we ran into

As the app is a major update, the challenges involved migrating from "ask-sdk" to "ask-sdk-core" as node16 and reminders functionality in Alexa would only support "ask-sdk-core". This also involved major revamping of the code. The code required calendar modules to be also present and included along with "ask-sdk-core" module , which was bit time consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of migrating and creating a workable app with reminders in node16 and "ask-sdk-core".

What's next for Sports List Calendar

Depending on its usage and popularity include more sports and create user generated reminders.

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