Sports is an important part of our lives. Everybody has their favorite sports and teams. We like to update ourselves with the schedule of events of our favorite team . Thus "Sports Events List" is developed with Alexa that narrates the schedule of 'FIFA', 'NFL' or 'IPL' based on a particular date.

This Alexa app will read out the NFL, IPL and FIFA sports events for the selected date. After choosing the sports "NFL", "IPL" or FIFA" ,the user can use utterances like "Get me events for today". "get me events on May 9th 2018" to get the schedule details. The greatest challenge was to get 'NFL','IPL' and 'FIFA' sports date in a readable format by Alexa. Lots of tweaking had to be done with the iCal files as most of them had links which were not in a readable format. This was an educational experience aside from the challenges as the project lead to gaining insights on various iCal formats , importing and exporting the calendars, iCal to CSV conversions/ modifications and vice versa. The next step is to expand the scope of this Alexa app to include more sports and for Alexa to narrate the events of other games like MLB and NHL.

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