I am part of the Cricket league and it was very hard to track game schedules, player availability, weather condition and planning to start driving for the game. Then i observed that it is a universal problem for all the field games played in open field so started speaking to the team captains and members to find a solution.

What it does

The Sports inviter “bot” will read inputs from excel files on teams, schedule, player & venue . It then compiles a Google calendar invite with game , weather and player trip details for different teams involved in the tournament. Note: I scoped out the web scraping and input file creation part as it will be different for every scenario.

How I built it

  1. Understood the As-is process and designed the To-Be process
  2. Created Architecture of the entire solution as sequence diagram
  3. Built and tested one module at a time with exception conditions.
  4. Integration tested the complete solution
  5. Used beta users and got feedback on the calendar invite content
  6. Improved the format and content of the invite

Challenges I ran into

1) Data format standardization 2) Understanding re-framework 3) Architect a solution which is truly modular and that can be customizable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) Modified ReFramework to work with Excel Transactions 2) Get Weather and google location trip details 3) Helping team organizers to make their life a bit easier

What I learned

1) How to use automation for real world problems and to make life easier 2) How to invoke API's from UiPath 3) Think about customers End solution and then back track design and requirements.

What's next for Sports Inviter Bot

1) Updated weather condition in the calendar invite every day until the game day. 2) If game is cancelled intimate the teams and players by cancelling the calendar event. 3) Extend the framework to have options to send invites for a) a single game b) all the games in a group c) entire tournament with multiple groups and d) even multiple tournaments.

Solution is available at Complete documentation is available at

Built With

  • reframework
  • uipath
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