There is no central point for getting local sports related items or information in Nigeria. And due to this, it can be hard to find people willing to participate in a sporting event with you. This is especially true with women in Nigeria. Often, Sports venues have a hard time getting new customers.

Our solution

We created a mobile app and a web app that solves this problem. Customers can search for sports facilities and book any facility of their choice instantly. They can also rent and buy sporting equipment. WE decided to make it a mobile and web app in order to reach a wide range of users. As a sports venue owner, you can enlist your property for booking by users ,alongside equipment that you might have for rental at the venue. eg:Bowling shoes, football, whistle, red and yellow cards. etc. We decided to tackle the inclusivity issue by creating a 'join me' button where women who are interested in partaking in a sporting event can indicate interest, we then share this to other women who might be interested in it in order to gain more participants. They can select the type of event they want and create events on the spot. We also include voice to action command which enables customers to book for venues with speech.

How we built it

We made use of square booking API to handle the reservation of venues, we used Rapyd Payment API to handle payments. The database makes use of Planet-Scale to store information. And our speech to text makes use of Google's speech AI. The mobile app was built using flutter and the web app was built using react. Our backend is hosted on Digital Ocean

Challenges we ran into

Dependency available with flutter presented a challenge but we were able to overcome it by creating APIs and making use of web sockets and http request to bypass the issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to successfully build a cross border mobile and web application that enables users come together and have fun.

Future Plans

This is only the beginning of the journey. We plan to add more features such as: cash payment, ability to host competitions, ability for owners to promote their venues within the app.

What's in the demo

With this demo, you can either login as a customer, business, or admin. With the user, you can: search for venues, book venues, view discounts, rent equipment, buy equipment, and indicate interest in an event. User would get notified whenever more people join the event. Bills for booking of equipment can be split among multiple people, users can also rate venues and leave comments. As a business, you get access to your data for analytics, add and remove venues, cancel a booking and refund them. As an admin, you can view all activities across the app in all countries.

  • What is your motivation to participate in the Hackathon? We have had this idea for a while now but was unable to work on it for various reasons. We saw this hackathon as an opportunity to quickly create a demo of the app and get some valuable user feedback.

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