Sports-Analytics Hi all, I just wanted to share some of my research that I have done so far concerning the NBA Draft and other team wins analysis. I have recently gotten interested in sports analytics and programming in general and these projects have been a useful stepping stone in learning both.

I will be uploading IPython notebooks with projects concerning sports analytics. I would love suggestions on how I could make the code more concise and efficient. I will mainly be looking to explore baseball and basketball data but open to different project ideas. Feel free to provide any feedback and enjoy exploring!

draft_secondround is a data exploratory analysis, seeing how often teams are able to pick up worthwhile players in the second round

college_shooting is looking at draft prospects and creating a basic regression model to see if their FT shooting can predict their 3P% in the NBA

teams_wins_2017-18 is looking at the Four Factors that Dr. Dean Oliver pioneered and I look at if they are able to explain the number of wins a team had during the 2017-18. Again making use of basic regression analysis.

teams_drafting is again exploratory and looking at which teams have historically drafted well in the draft since 1985.

To view the analysis, simply click on the folder that you may be interested in viewing and click on the corresponding .ipynb file.

I understand that I can build more on a lot of these projects (teams_wins_2017-18) is very incomplete. But I thought this was a good way to start on some projects. Please feel free to to give feedback, on how I can build on these projects with the data I have. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

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