Description:          Sportaneous makes it easy for busy people to play sports by harnessing location-based technology to facilitate sports games at any time.  Sportaneous uses NYC Data Sets to: (1) provide a comprehensive list of all public facilities that one can use to play sports; (2) provide a convenient mechanism to connect with other people in NYC to get together and play sports at these facilities.  Through the Sportaneous iPhone app and website, a person can quickly view all sports games that have been proposed in his/her borough and surrounding neighborhoods.  The user can choose to join whichever game best fits his schedule, location, and skill level.  Alternatively, a Sportaneous user may spontaneously propose a game himself (for example, a beginner soccer game in Central Park three hours from now), which allows all Sportaneous users in NYC to join the game until the maximum number of players has been reached.Mission:          Our mission is to get NYC active by providing a convenient way to organize sports games at public facilities.  All the data we used was made publicly available through the NYC Parks & Recreation Department.  Sportaneous now serves as an easy, free, and convenient way to access this data through both the iPhone app (using GPS) and website. Why Sportaneous should get your vote:      Our market research shows that the vast majority (75%) of Americans prefer playing team sports to exercising alone; yet only a small minority (12%) of Americans (that exercise regularly) play team sports on a monthly basis. Most people attribute their lack of participation in sports to the inconvenience of finding and organizing games. People are also reluctant to pay for or commit to organized sports leagues due to their unpredictable weekly schedules.  Sportaneous removes all the hurdles that prevent people from playing sports, and makes it easy for anybody in NYC to find the “right” sports game for them. From young professionals to working parents, those with inconsistent schedules now have the opportunity to play sports whenever some time frees up in their day (or night). Visitors or tourists to NYC can find sports games to participate in even though they may know only a few people here. Sportaneous also serves as a cheaper alternative for everyone who pays for recreational sports leagues and gym memberships. In short, Sportaneous will give millions of people in NYC who would love to play sports a simple and convenient way to do so.

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