A physically active lifestyle is the key to good overall health and to preventing chronic disease. A critical issue In Canada is the levels of physical inactivity and sedentary living among Canadians of different ages. People live sedentary lifestyles because it is EASY to do and it is HARD to find people with similar workout interests! Not anymore!

Make exercising fun

  • Engage with the local community
  • Build strong communities
  • Bring different people together for the first time

Living a sedentary lifestyle has become an increasingly menacing problem.

  • Childhood obesity and diabetes are just as prominent as ever.

Your friends do not want to exercise with you or you want to do different exercises because you have different goals.

  • How do you make friends who want to do what you want to do?
    • How can we do this safely and effectively?
    • How might we engage and build a strong community that encourages exercise and healthy living?

What it does

Sport-Scanner gives users the ability to schedule and meet up with other users at a local place to engage in exercise and play sports! Sport-Scanner allows users to see all amenities happening at a nearby open space or public park, they can register for scheduled amenities. Using geolocation, users are able to communicate with other registered users and engage with the community by connecting with one another and sharing motivational goals, photos, workout data, and compete with each other for points. The social feed allows users to track their workout goals and see members' fitness goals and data as well.

How we built it

Node.JS and Express make up the server. We used Google Cloud Compute and Google Firebase functions. The front end is done in Android.

Challenges we ran into

Firebase authentication held us up for a long time and we had difficulties with Android Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally were able to use firebase correctly and got our server service through Google Cloud Computing VM. We are proud by the front end designs and how nice the app has developed.

What we learned

Firebase, Cloud Engine, learning Android Development

What's next for sport-scanner

We hope to implement smoother geofencing features for the chat portion of our application. If we had more time, we would make a feed where people are able to automatically share their health tracker(fitbit) data directly with those they have connected, and played sports, with. People would also be able to share photos of the events from their workouts on the network. We worked on integrating fitbit data and were able to get the daily summary with an API call. We would like to expand on this, get more data, store it in firebase, and serve it in a format that encourages competition and fitness.

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