Human are pack animals, humane, good and positive. We want to help people to meet with each other virtually (and live when it is possible and save) and to achieve a good life in equal ways despite the craziness of the modern society using modern technology as a tool. Technology doesn’t comfort – the touch and sympathy of another human being is the best. Good life belongs to everyone. We are building ecosystem and applications which combine people and their similar needs.

What it does

Our service and product support prevention against loneliness and depression, changes behavior model and helps to keep the positive change during the covid-19 time.

Helps find peer support and the power of a group and stay motivated. App enables its users to find new friends and community for similar needs. App rewards its users for their activity and success. App is helping remote workers to stay fit and healthy.

Tool can be modified for several needs and users; different social groups,local council and urban district & companies.

Sport Friend is here to make you move, motivate and activate you, help you feel better and meet your goals in a new easy way. Sport Friend is constantly developing its technology and finds solutions to improve your modern lifestyle, with a twinkle in our eye. Our free application is counting on combination of three: individual, community and corporation.

App highly supports entrepreneurship, and helps to create relationships between customers and businesses virtually. Our application makes everyday life more active and healthier with a fun touch.

You can have a look new website: (in Finnish)

How I built it

Our app is web based app solution which you can use in Finnish or in English. App technology stack: Postgres & Logic, Typescript NestJS Server, HTML CSS TS Angular, AWS Cloud Cognito authentication, Bitbucket Trello.

Our MVP is called Superlaiffi App and it will be upgraded to Sport Friend App as a marketing trick.

Challenges I ran into

  • In Europe 13% of the population suffers depression during their lifetime. Each year 25% of the population suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • In Finland 20% of the population suffers depression during their lifetime and the number is rising. Depression and loneliness leads to many problems: health issues, unemployment, depression and anxiety.
  • Depression cost annually in Europe 610 billion euros and in Finland 900 million euros.
  • Average ⅔ of the world population is overweight and amount is rising fast.
  • Technology makes people estrange from each other and people don’t meet naturally any more.
  • Families are getting smaller,the importance of friends is highlighted.
  • Good news! → 80% would like to exercise more.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Interface action with end users: Need, Wishes, Realism, Behavior PROTOTYPE PRODUCT SOFT LAUNCH --> 6000 users in 2 days --> 3 months pilot with 15 corporate partners validate app as a market tool --> RD: Eye Imotion Laboratory about usability

Media Posts:

We have been joining a part of several j an accelerator or incubator program, as Kasvu Open Future Health & Wellbeing, TOP 5 Hack the Crisis Finland Save Communities solution.

What I learned

The problem er are solving is real and in dire need of a solution. Feedback from target group we have received is important for the developing. The business model needs to be validated a bit more. A robust and comprehensive competitive analysis would add value, right?

What's next for Sport Friend App

--> In may 2020 we will soft launch our Beta-version together with our new pilot partner (see more: --> We will publish out go to market version in June 2020 --> looking for angels to invest and support and guide to the global market fast!

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