Sporks Up is a web based video game designed to educate children about nutrition and encourage healthy food choices at home and in school. Structured around the USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS) and the most recent USDA dietary guidelines, Sporks Up both assesses a child's individual nutritional knowledge and educates him or her on a variety of areas of nutrition including food groups, vitamins, minerals, total caloric intake and the composition of healthy, well balanced meals.


The goal of the game is to engage the child in an active learning process whereby the child learns from the game while the game adapts to the child - altering the question content to target a child's individual area of difficulty. The game asks multiple choice questions of players in a fun gaming environment to assess their knowledge and provides feedback and education to facilitate learning. Mastering the game means knowing about the foods we eat and how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. The game is composed of 3 mini-games: Food Fight, Cheeseboard and Lunch Line.


In Food Fight, the player answers questions in the lunchroom about food groups and nutrient content by dragging their selection into a food cannon. Get the question correct and you get to fire the food-filled cannon, starting a Food Fight!


Cheeseboard is a blackboard lesson in a classroom. Answer questions by selecting from a serious of choices and receive feedback written on the chalkboard.


Lunch Line places the player in front of a conveyor belt of foods encountered every day.


The player must fill their tray to construct balanced and complete meals for the day. The goals are more complex – just like real-life food choices – trying to balance daily caloric intake, food groups and nutrient goals.


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