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Fredkin's Paradox

The Fredkin's Paradox is the notion that, when two choices are very similar, the decision-maker will spend a lot more time and resources making that decision than a decision with significantly different expected outcomes, even though the value gained by such calculations is much thinner than the one with a significant difference in expected outcomes.
One such decision, as we probably have all experienced in the past, is the decision (or rather indecision) of "where the heck do I want to eat." SporkList seeks to solve that problem in the most efficient manner: coinflips.

What is SporkList?

SporkList is a playlist for food; a "food player", if you will. It allows you to create playlists of restaurants, dynamically selects an option based on user-set preferences, and lets you share your SporkLists with your friends. Built on cutting-edge technology, SporkList is lightweight, flexible, open-souce, and DRM-free, running on almost every web-enabled platform. We combine an intuitive drag-and-drop UI with Angular.js, jQuery, Parse, Google Places, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Parallelism, and Moore's Law together to create the ultimate and seamless connection between social media and social outings. We believe SporkList is the next level of disruptive technologies, extending internet technology and UX platforms into the real world, providing users with the Web 2.0 experience even while offline. Some would even call this Web 2.1++.

What's next for SporkList?

In 2023, AppleAmazon-MicroFacebookGoogleSoft acquires SporkList and all its assets for $12.95 after bullying the owners into settling a lawsuit over the use of the internet to do creative things. The end.

A Brief Note

Our GitHub commit history apparently did not meet the community guidelines, so, unfortunately, we will not link it. However, we will say that you can access said repo at sporklist/sporklist.github.io. Warning: we are very angry programmers when we deal with Javascript (but can you really blame us?).

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