People with executive dysfunction issues can have trouble with task initiation. One thing that helps is to break these tasks down into smaller ones and write down what you need to do and what is urgent. This helps spoonies, people with disabilities such as ADHD, and other people who may have trouble with task initiation and completion know what they need to do and what steps they can take to do it.

What it does

This helps users organize a task list for their daily tasks and things they need to complete. It also adds a smaller task they can do if they are unable to do the full task.

How I built it

I used Android Studio and a button-based system to make the app.

Challenges I ran into

Something is wrong with my Android Studio and its IDE, and the program refused to recognize one of the activities. I narrowed down the three activities that could have been causing the problem until I found that there was a problem with one entire activity, at which point I redid the activity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I figured out how to get R to work despite the fact that my Android Studio wasn't working, and made a functional app on a broken program, even though I am only a beginner.

What I learned

I learned easier and more efficient ways of getting XML and JAVA to work together in Android Studio, as well as how to use XML code. I also learned how and when to revert a file's code in its local history.

What's next for Spoon Savior

I would like to add a better priority system, built-in default tasks, and a system using the Android Studio Gmail API where an email will be sent to the user's trusted contact if the user ignores the deadline notification that the program puts on their phone.

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