Halloween atmosphere.

What it does

A spooky platform game to give the user some fun.

How we built it

Using HTML and JavaScript with Phaser library combined with graphics made in FireAlpaca.

Challenges we ran into

The software wouldn't instal properly, Animations of movement turned out to be very tricky to implement properly. Not enough documentation on creating menus and different scenarios.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with the overall idea and esthetics. Putting the general aesthetic of the game into life. Implementing some basic interactive features like buttons. Creating our first game.

What we learned

Basic skills and tools needed for proper creation of the game. Essential knowledge needed to use Phaser and JavaScript. Proper management over splitting and planning out work.

What's next for SpookyGame

We're planning on improving and implementing the gameplay of the game and making it more visually aesthetic.

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