Spooky Stories

Created by Avinash VK and Srujan Deshpande


We wanted to create an easy way to read and make scary stories together with friends.

What it does

Spooky Stories allows you to create your own spooky stories using a Pass the Story style format. Everyone on the Discord server has a chance to put their own additions into the story! If you're alone, you can make the story yourself :)

How to use it

Read a written story or make a new one!

  • To read a random story !boo story random
  • To upvote the story !boo upvote
  • To downvote the story !boo downvote
  • To start a new story with a prompt !boo start
  • To end the story !boo end
  • To view all the current Channel's stories !boo story list

How we built it (Tech Stack)

  1. Node.js with discord.js for the Discord bot
  2. Cockroach DB for storing all the stories and votes
  3. Google Cloud Platform
    • Compute Engine for the Database
    • Cloud Build
    • Container Registry
    • Cloud Run
    • Colab

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with Cloud Run, Build and App Engine. Even though the Build and Run pipeline was perfect, It always failed on the final step. Unfortunately we had to deploy the container image to Compute Engine directly due to time constraints.
  • Deploying and starting with Cockroach DB

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! We never thought that even after starting almost a day late, we would have a working product at the end.

What we learned

Cockroach DB is pretty cool and CI/CD using GCP is very useful! We loved exploring all the different GCP products. Avinash learnt NLP for the first time and Srujan brushed up on his SQL and node.js skills.

What's next for Spooky Stories

Add more stories, reddit integration, maybe even voice to read them out?

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