Seeing the increasing crimes in London, we realised there must be a way for parents to monitor which areas there kids can go at night during halloween and still remain safe.

What it does

The user enter their postcode and the app produces a heatmap showing which areas are the most dangerous in red and which are the safest in green. You can also toggle the view to give the exact number of crimes in a specific area in the past 2 months

How we built it

We used the google maps API to pinpoint locations on the map and to create the heatmap and we also used the police data API to get the data about crimes in the local area.

Challenges we ran into

When we wanted to convert the web app into a mobile app, the system kept crashing. Also connecting to the police data api came with struggles as the data came in very awkwardly and we had to reorganise and structure it so that it was compatible with the google maps API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally connecting to the British Metropolitan Police API. Making it compatible with all devices(including smartwatches) (using cordova). Enabling real time location tracking in iPhone.

What we learned

  • how to use the google maps API
  • how to use jquery
  • how to use the British Metropolitan Police API.
  • most importantly, how to effectively work together in a team. ## What's next for Spooky Spartans
  • introducing machine learning to actually predict the next possibility of the crime.
  • improving the UI/UX of the web service and the app.
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