When I saw the theme of the Hackthon, I wanted to give it a try because In my country Halloween is not celebrated and I wanted to build a project that would indeed be useful for others to setup spooky House for their Halloween.

What it does

It is an Spooky Hardware setup which can be explained with an story such as below:

When Person Enters from the Door, the Room would be bright and that Bright Light is connected to the Web Server which allows another person doing halloween prank to control that Light. When the Victim enters, the light can be turned off automatically with the app and as soon as the Lights get turned off remotely, Red Leds will pulse out automatically on and off as there is Dark Sensor Attached. Then There are different Capacitive touch areas that are places around the house, which when triggers ghostly sound when the victim passes or touches things like switches and other objects on the house.

How I built it

I built it by Using Arduino UNO with Led connected with Blynk Server to Control the Led From Mobile App. Inside Arduino Uno, I used USB2Serial Blynk Libary so that my arduino UNO can connect to internet using my own laptop internet. Then With the Blynk Libary Installed, I Installed blynk app into my phone to act as a server to trigger my Led Bulb.

I used Arduino Leonardo and MPR121 Board to Use Capacitive touch and inside Fl Studio I created a Pad with different Sound Effects which Will be triggered whenever those Alumnium Foils will be touched.

I used Circuit Playground Express and Coded it to react when the lights goes off Turn on Neopixels Red Leds in phaser mode to give some Spooky Effects.

Challenges I ran into

I had planned to get some sensors from the market to do my project best but Unfortunately all the shops were closed to due Dashain Festival here on Nepal and I had to plan something using hardware I had already. It took me time to figure out the actual concept of project and I started late. ALso, I got lost somewhere on CockroachDb with my hardware but I couldnot make it so I quickly ran to my hardware and tried another thing. I had difficulty in setting up Circuit Python as well as Blynk Server but thanks to Google and Stack that I could figure it out and make my project.

I couldnot get enough time for physical Designs and Demo Video properly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am Proud that I have learned to use Blynk Server and used 3 hardware on a single Themed project

What I learned

I learned WebServer Connection with the Help of Blynk Library and To use Relay Module with it.Also I learned to Make Light Dependent actions on Circuit Python. I just rellaised that my audio is not rendered on video and I am gone :( ...... I cant make it on 5 mins now.

What's next for Spooky-Scare-Halloween House

Next, I am planning to add more capacitive touches, motors so that I can make it more spooky and more focused on design of project.

Built With

  • arduinoleonardo
  • arduinouno
  • blynk
  • circuitplaygroundexpress
  • circuitpython
  • mpr121
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