Donating to worthy causes is not inherently social... right now no matter how you contribute (private donation, kickstarter, indiegogo), payment is a HASSLE for the user and letting your friends know you donated is an afterthought. The idea behind iContrib is that contribution to worthy causes should be frictionless as possible (what's easier than writing a tweet?) and everyone should know you donated be default.

With iContrib, you donate to a cause by simply writing a tweet: "@IWillContribute $5 to #buildASchool" or just pressing the retweet button.


Currently, donating money to charities online is a pain. We wanted to make this experience as frictionless as possible. For both the person who creates the campaign, and the person who wants to contribute to it.

How it works

  • Go to and set up your campaign in less than 60 seconds... simply enter the hashtag you want to use to raise money for and how much you want to raise, e.g $100 for #buildASchool.
  • From there, you can tweet out to your followers, asking for donations.
  • All someone has to do to contribute is retweet your original tweet or just use your hashtag #buildASchool
  • If they aren't signed up, we'll send them a secure link to save credit card info
  • From then on, any retweet or share of an @icontrib hashtag automatically makes a donation!
  • Campaign progress, contributions and contributors are all posted on twitter by us, so there is a live feed of the funding process -- all in twitter!

How we built it

We used braintree as our choice of payment api. Django app to support twitter authentication, hosted on heroku. Postgres db We have a separate server to support the twitter streaming api, and created a twitter bot to send out tweets to the person who wants to contribute to the campaign.


  • twitter bot @IWillContribute
  • fluid flow between twitter platform and signing up

What's next for iContrib

Moar users!

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