The spooky festival of Halloween is the main source of inspiration for our project. There is no better way to celebrate Halloween virtually this October than with some fun and entertaining trick or treating games on Snapchat! Snapchat’s Lensathon’22 served as the ideal platform for bringing our concept into action.

What it does

The objective of the game is to avoid hitting the grave stone while attempting to catch as many candies as possible. A score of one is awarded for each candy that the player grabs and should try to dodge each obstacle they encounter on the way. The highest score across all the attempts will be projected in order to engage users.

How we built it

In order to create a basic plan for our Halloween theme, we used Figma and Photoshop. We spent our time learning Snap Studio and explored all of its features. We began building our product on Snap Studio as soon as we had a concept. To build our Sprite and other graphics needed for the lens, we used designing software. We integrated our assets into the lens after they had been created. We later went over and discovered some Halloween music for our game. Finally, we improved a few auxiliary features to give it a nice aspect.

Challenges we ran into

It was quite a challenge to built a game in the Lens studio software being a first time user. However, it took much less time than anticipated to get the hang of it, and by the end, we were able to work with it comfortably! We faced issues with the lens size management with all assets and optimization of lens memory with all Scripting and animations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We must say that we're proud of the idea itself, its visual appeal, it's background music and the interactive ability of the filter. The idea perfectly suits the current festive season and we're proud of the technical features that we've implemented to this game and not just the visual feast that it provides.

What we learned

We learned how to work with design and prototype software. Later on, we discovered many wonderful features of the Snap Studio. We've always wanted to make a lens that provides users with both entertainment and adventure. We explored various fields and observed some appealing features that helped our lens stand unique.

What's next for Spooky Hunt

Future iterations of this lens have so much potential, in our opinion. We could use animations to make the figures appear a little more organic and lifelike. It would be interesting to add in more character options, for the user to select from. The video captured by the camera might also serve as the game's backdrop. Another modification that can be made is, making the UI more clean and simple so the user feels in control, but isn’t overwhelmed by the amount of options.

We're looking forward to share and promote the game during the Halloween season!

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