When Ellay & Myself (Yonatan) were on the year trip, we encoutered a problem agreeing on the same music - some kids wanted to hear Eyal Golan while the others (us included) wanted to hear "normal" music.

What it does

Our app lets you create a Speaker "Hotspot" which means you act as a hotspot for playing music. You open a station, and every user in 250m radius from you can vote for the songs he would like to hear and the queue is based on the votes

How we built it

We used Parse for the server side and Swift for the client side (iPhone application)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a working application within less than 24 hours

What we learned

Working more efficiently together, shaped our workflow of basic programming, basic designing, design -> storyboard & code and finally improvements on both sides.

Built With

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